About Us


Just a typical Single  Southern California Autism mom, Nurse, HomeSchooler and CEO of, Finding Real Autism Accessibility Training, that doesn't mind tellin it like it is....Looking forward to sharing our stories and adventures...

just keepin it real...Autism blog

  Hey, don't get me wrong.. I like posting those "look how perfect my life is!" overly filtered / photo shopped pics as much as the next person.  

But posting only the "Perfect" side of our lives isn't helping anyone!  

This is one of the reasons I started this autism blog.

Especially my family and other families raising a child with Autism.  

Lets just be real!!!

It‘s called Autism Spectrum for a reason, everyone is different.

what you see is what you get! and it's not always pretty. 

sharing stories and ideas...

I'm almost 19 years in!  If I can share a story that will help you not make the same mistakes i did, I've done my job!